Year-End Performance Review Prep

Believe it or not, year-end is upon us, which means it’s time for year-end performance reviews. Performance reviews are a great way to showcase your accomplishments, identify goals you want to achieve in the coming year, gather feedback on your performance, and provide feedback to your employer. It’s best to compile this information over the course of the year, and organized documentation will help your official review be productive and smooth. You may also consider hiring Simply Hudson to to help you prepare! Contact us for a strategic year-end planning session.

Tips for a Successful Year-End Performance Review 

1. Create a brag list

Develop a list of all your contributions to your company’s success. Data and hard numbers are best if you have them, but some contributions can’t be quantified, like being on a board, or volunteering—don’t leave them out! Think outside of the box when it comes to quantifying—did you bring in profit? If you’re in a cost center, did you save the company money? Did you save time with process improvements? Quantify that with an average hourly pay rate times annual hours saved.

The earlier you start this list, the better. Keep it up to date as you complete activities that make you stand out, and make time to review and update on a monthly or quarterly basis.

2. Set goals for next year

Forward-thinking individuals are valued; it shows your dedication to both your role and the company. Start by looking at your recent accomplishments and expanding. Is there another steppingstone to move the company or an initiative forward? Or if you’ve identified something like an inefficient process, how can you work to improve it? Develop goals that have a range of effort—they shouldn’t all be year-long projects. Think of ways to engage with multiple departments and expand your network. Set yourself up for success with small and large wins throughout the year.

Tip from Nicole:

Review and align yourself to company objectives. How will your goals support the overall strategy and objectives of both your team and the company for the next year?

3. Accept feedback graciously

In preparation for your year-end performance review meeting, request feedback from colleagues you’ve worked closely with over the year. Approach these requests strategically to receive honest feedback, stay on the radar of strategic allies, and hopefully get a few great shoutouts. 

Throughout the year, build rapport with your manager for frequent, two-way feedback. If your manager doesn’t provide feedback directly and frequently, ask during regular one-on-ones so you know where you stand. The last thing you want is a surprise at year-end! If you disagree with the feedback, ask for specific examples so you can understand what changes would have a positive impact. 

Review and examine the feedback you’ve received as part of your review write-up to show how you have adapted and applied changes. Accept new feedback graciously, and be sure you understand examples. If you feel something is inaccurate, examine the relationship you have with the source of feedback—maybe there’s a relationship-building tactic that would be beneficial.

Be receptive and understanding of feedback, and show you’re listening to what your colleagues have to say.

4. Come with questions

The year-end performance review is a two-way street, so you’re allowed and encouraged to get all the information you need to make your next year great. Ask your manager to clarify any changes in responsibilities or growth opportunities they see in your role. What would they like to see from you? Ask questions that trigger deeper conversation to make you comfortable walking into the next year.

5. Communicate what you want

If your manager doesn’t know what you want, how can they help you get there? If you want a new project or bigger raise, say that. Or if you desire more autonomy, tell them. Want to work from home? Ask if it’s possible. Be prepared to back up your requests with sound logic and reasoning as to why you deserve what you’re asking for. It’s perfectly reasonable to see what can change to make you better and happier in your role. After all, the better and happier you are at your work, the more successful the company will be. 

Share Your Tips for a Successful Year-End Performance Review

As always, we want to hear from you! We love gathering tips, advice, and knowledge and then sharing it with our larger audience. Let us know what you’ve done that has made your year-end performance review go smoothly and successfully. However, if you’re still struggling with what to do, give us a shout and we can talk about scheduling a one-on-one.

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