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Working with Nicole is a dream – she tailors her questions in a personal manner and asks pointed follow-ups. Her communication is straightforward, thoughtful, and very detailed. 

– Krysal Pino, Nomad Tax

Consulting Services


Mike Coriell, President at Solutions Plus Consulting

Nicole has an unparalleled ability to take charge of complex business initiatives and to lead project teams to success. I have had the pleasure of partnering with Nicole on several projects for two large financial institutions. I am continually impressed with her ability to command a room and to get everyone moving in the right direction. She is a motivator and an influencer with a fun and pleasant demeanor that is a joy to have on any team. Nicole earns my highest recommendation.

Becky Dolan, Program Manager at OppenheimerFunds

Nicole impressively analyzed, designed, managed third party resources, tested and implemented a completely undefined and urgent regulatory compliance need. Her methodical, end-to-end and quality-oriented approach provided for a solid solution in a very aggressive timeline. Her leadership and partnership were priceless to me as the Program Manager and to the effort overall. Her design became the preferred approach for all other solutions to follow.

Krystal Pino, Founder of Nomad Tax

Working with Nicole is a dream – she tailors her questions in a personal manner and asks pointed follow-ups.  Her communication is straightforward, thoughtful, and very detailed.  I had high expectations for how Nicole would affect my business, but she blew me away with the deliverables she provided, including templates, workflows, and process manuals.  The way Nicole designed our process paid for itself a thousand times over in the amount of time and headaches it saved.

Jonathan Fiur, Director of Industry Solutions at Aprimo

Nicole’s reputation as a change agent with the ability to define and communicate, and then deliver on a strategic solution is well-deserved. From innovating at the execution level, to redesigning business processes, and enabling them with lean effective resource models, Nicole has impressed me with her ability to navigate into the details and back up to the big picture. As an advocate for her organization and her peers, Nicole secured sponsorship for and hosted the Financial Services customer event, demonstrating her leadership and influence both at her company and among her peers. I view Nicole as a trusted partner.

Faiza Sikander, Head of Client Reporting at Oppenheimer Funds

Nicole’s meticulous attention to detail, thorough work ethic, and excellent project management skills are all attributes that stand out and can be vouched for. We had several projects that could have gone awry had Nicole not pointed out the roadblocks and provided critical subject matter expertise when needed most.  I was particularly impressed by Nicole’s uncanny ability to lead initiatives to fruition given the tight deadlines and demanding stakeholders.

Advising Services


Helen Nalls, Director at Visa

I absolutely would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Nicole.  Over our two-year professional relationship, I’ve opened up to her about the struggles I’ve faced in my career, and the mental blocks that have been holding me back.  On our weekly calls, I go over what’s happened that week and any challenges I may be facing moving forward.  Not only does Nicole help me strategize ways to overcome my obstacles, but she offers insightful reading materials and lifestyle changes, like a morning routine, that have strongly impacted my life.

Nicole has been there every step of the way, supporting me through huge milestones like career changes and annual reviews, and the smaller scale challenges I’ve faced both personally and professionally.  Working with Nicole has given me a newfound confidence to tackle challenges head-on, focusing on direct action instead of defaulting to passive responses.

I can be very hard on myself, at times self-critical, but Nicole has been able to guide me out of these negative thought patterns and into positive forward momentum.  She probes deeper, finding the root of the problems, so I can make more meaningful adjustments in my life.  She’s been instrumental in instilling the importance of boundaries so I can make myself a priority.

Nicole challenges me in a way that helps me gain clarity.  She is tough yet sensitive; she can read when to push and when to be patient.  It’s clear that her guiding principles focus on personal values, self-compassion, and self-awareness – with Nicole’s help, I’ve learned to take a stand for myself.

Working with Nicole is an investment in yourself, and this investment is priceless.

Krystal Pino, Founder of Nomad Tax

Working with Nicole is the best investment I could have made in my time and energy for my business. When we started, I was incredibly overwhelmed by not only what I wanted for my business, but what was currently happening in it. I had so many big ideas and they all felt as if they were looming above my head. Nicole helped me to put down all the plates that were spinning and really evaluate what was a now problem, and what could be tackled through a set of small, digestible goals over a 1, 3 and 5 year period. I no longer feel burnt out by everything I want to achieve, and I’m really excited about not only the direction of my business, but the roadmap that Nicole helped me build to figure out the most effective way to get there.

Candy Treft, Founder of Lokal Tbilisi

Nicole provided me with an overwhelming sense of relief.  I was feeling substantial stress and decision fatigue; focusing on the bigger picture was a challenge when there were so many daily details taking up my time.

Nicole listened to the challenges I was facing, both in the organizational structure of my business and my mindset surrounding business decisions.  She created a clear and actionable plan for me to get back on track.  I went from working in reactive mode to proactive mode, and my business was immediately propelled forward as a result of following Nicole’s guidance.

She is professional in her communication, always on time with deliverables, and extremely knowledgeable in designing personal and business processes for success.  I feel as though my priorities are in line and I’m in control; my day to day operations are running smoother than ever, which has had an immensely positive impact on the customer experience.

Ellyn Schinke, Founder & CEO of Coach Ellyn

Working with Nicole was so incredibly invaluable. I knew that she was a process design ninja from our other collaborations, but I didn’t realize all the ways she could benefit me and my business until we sat down and worked together. She helped me create a long-term map for my business, hash out daily behaviors (which is always something I struggled with), and – perhaps most importantly – really gave me such clarity on myself as a CEO and business owner. She also gave me incredible insight into the best way for me to work, which has been so invaluable over the last couple months. It really wasn’t just accountability, it was also insight and clarity into myself and my business that was tremendously helpful! I’m so grateful for Nicole and all the help she’s given me!

Mario Bila, Assistant Project Manager

Nicole is a very flexible, smart and open minded advisor, who will suit her work approach to best suit her client’s circumstances and personality while digging deep and uncovering the true issues and roadblocks to the client’s objectives. She’s capable of both looking at things from a bigger picture and analyzing the small crucial details of situations. Her work is a fundamental piece to build clarity and effectively solve problems and challenges in a way that has long term positive effects.

Speaking Services


Daniel Guerrero, Professor at Texas State University

Nicole Hudson has been a virtual guest speaker in two of my Introduction to Business in a Global Environment classes at Texas State University.  In a question and answer format, Nicole shared her global work experience in a way that captured the students’ attention.  Nicole made a lasting impression, with students going out of their way to share the strong impact she’s made.   

Nicole provided a perspective on Global Business that was eye opening.  It’s impressive to hear how she has created a life and a business for herself that are outside of the traditional norms; she shared her unique path that many of my students may not have considered or even known was possible.  She was able to talk both the business side of working internationally, and also the human side, describing what people are looking for or how they interact in different cultures all over the world.

She engaged with the students magnificently, coming from a place of openness and honesty.  Nicole balances a high level of professionalism with a warmth that disarmed any uncertainty that students had, and created a welcoming environment where their learning could thrive. 

It was fun to see the students highly engaged with Nicole, who responded to all of their questions with her relatable and comfortable storytelling tone.  She was extremely sincere in her thoughts, taking time to think over her responses and showing a clear sense of reflectiveness. 

In terms of virtual speakers, Nicole was top-notch.  It feels as though you are in the same room instead of thousands of miles away.  She has an authentic presence, maintains eye contact, and makes everyone involved feel heard. 

From a logistical perspective, Nicole balanced a warmth and professionalism in all of her communication.  She was eager to help, quick to respond, and very organized; I will gladly have her back again! 

Candy Treft, Founder of Lokal Tbilisi

Nicole is a well-articulated, professional speaker that was a pleasure to have as our inaugural MasterClass presenter!  While it’s clear that Nicole’s knowledge on process is vast, she tailored the information in way that was easily digestible for our attendees.  The audience included an international audience, not all of whom are native English speakers, and Nicole was able to make everyone feel comfortable and included.  She set the bar high for our MasterClass program! 



Karolina Zygmanowska, Power of Process MasterClass Attendee

The course was amazing. Despite taking only 4 hours it was truly in-depth. It provided me with a deeper understanding of the topic and helped put the already existing knowledge in order. Nicole is an amazing teacher. She is skillful, knowledgeable, and energetic. She is also a great communicator which made learning from her very easy. It is one of very few courses in my life that were delivered in a perfect way. I can highly recommend it.

Mario Bila, Power of Process MasterClass Online Participant

The Power of Process masterclass taught me how to adopt a highly effective, simplistic and efficient thinking framework to get things done and achieve objectives in my professional and personal life. I highly recommend it as a key resource for anyone who’s trying to act/operate more effectively and efficiently in their lives and achieve their objectives.

Tara Jabbari, Power of Process MasterClass Online Participant

The Master Course explained the importance of process, for your personal and professional life. As a freelancer, I have different clients. Finding an effective process is key. This course helped me help my clients.

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