Stress Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs: Insights From Coaches and Mentors

Over two-thirds of entrepreneurs worry that failing will burn them out. This suggests that most people who launch their own businesses are concerned about the mental strain and potential downfall of their venture.

We have all heard stories about how startups lead to failure because of poor management. However, one aspect is rarely acknowledged – the transformative power of successfully managing stressors as an entrepreneur.

Empower yourself to focus on your business goals while managing your stress effectively with these proven stress management techniques.

Resilience — The Foundation of Stress Management

Picture your business plan as the tallest standing skyscraper. While your vision and values will translate to a grand design, it takes a strong foundation to ensure structural integrity.

The same idea applies to the mind. Training your mind to be resilient and identify patterns in the face of inevitable challenges can propel you to success.

Incorporate these perspectives to build up your resilience, which is recommended by stress management coaches and mentors!

Perfectionism is an entrepreneur’s most captivating enemy.

We chase our dreams for the most “TEDTalk-perfect” result. However, it’s important to understand – and accept – that chasing an unattainable ideal fuels anxiety.

Stress management mentors suggest entrepreneurs celebrate “good enough” as a stepping stone to ongoing improvement. Our world is ever-changing; what may seem perfect today can become version 2.0 tomorrow.

At Simply Hudson, we also like to consider the 80/20 rule stating that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. While we’re not saying to stop short, remember the law of diminishing returns.

Many entrepreneurs feel their businesses have hit rock bottom before watching them skyrocket beyond their wildest imaginations.

Rather than dwelling on the negative, in turn losing your energy, motivation, and willpower, we recommend shifting your perspective to view your roadblocks as opportunities for learning and growth.

Stress management mentors suggest that entrepreneurs approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset, focusing on strategies to overcome rather than dwelling on the difficulties.

While it comes with its fair share of challenges, entrepreneurship is indeed a rewarding journey.

Take time each day to appreciate your progress, your team, and the freedom to build your own destiny. Celebrate the small wins, incremental tasks, and teamwork.

It’s broadly believed that gratitude fosters a positive outlook that, in turn, reduces stress.

Actionable Tips for Daily Stress Management

The rise-and-grind culture has got the better of us all. But that doesn’t mean it should rule our lives!

Here are a few actionable tips you to help ensure ongoing management of your stressors:

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If your body is deprived of physical and mental rest for prolonged periods, it’s no better than that empty cup.

Famous neuroscientist Andrew Huberman stresses the importance of prioritizing sleep, healthy eating, and regular exercise.

These habits boost your energy levels, improve focus, and leave you better equipped to tackle challenges.

Fun Fact: Studies have found that 6 hours (or less) of sleep is detrimental for long-term and short-term health as an adult.

Ensure you allocate more than 6 hours for sleep, and give your body the luxurious treatment it deserves.

The “24/7-hustle” culture has got it wrong. You don’t need to become a slave to your business in order to become successful.

Your mind and body need breaks and vacations that we often ignore. Business coaches emphasize the importance of scheduling breaks throughout the day for short walks, meditation, or simply disconnecting.

It’s important to plan regular vacations to refresh your mind and spirit. Remember that stepping away allows you to return with renewed perspective and creativity!

As an entrepreneur, wearing multiple hats at the same time isn’t a rare sight. However, it’s important to understand that you are not an island.

Delegate tasks that drain your time and energy.

Stress management mentors suggest that entrepreneurs consider outsourcing non-core functions as their businesses grow. Remember that you can’t be present everywhere at the same time.

Freeing yourself from these burdens allows you to focus on your strengths and strategic vision — the aspects of your business that only you can handle.

Setting Boundaries in a Digital Age as Entrepreneurs

Technology is a double-edged sword nowadays. While it can be a source of immense productivity, it can also contribute to constant stress, especially for entrepreneurs.

Here is a brief checklist to manage your digital well-being:

  • Establish “No-Tech” Zones: Create designated times and spaces where you disconnect from emails, social media and work-related notifications. This allows you to truly unwind and recharge.

  • Organize Tasks into Batches: Instead of constantly checking messages, designate specific times to respond to emails and phone calls. This reduces the feeling of being constantly bombarded and streamlines your workflow.

  • Leverage AI and Automation: Leverage technology to your advantage. Utilize scheduling tools for social media posts, automate routing tasks, and invest in project management apps to organize your work.

Note: ensure you consider privacy and confidentiality if you’re considering the use of AI!

Build a Support System to Share Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship may feel like a solo pursuit — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Consider building a robust support system for managing stress and emotional well-being. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Connect With Fellow Entrepreneurs: Surround yourself with people who understand the unique challenges you face. Join online forums or local entrepreneur groups to share experiences and support each other. Inquire about the Simply Hudson Support System to get started!
  • Find a Mentor: Seek out a seasoned entrepreneur who can guide you through difficulties and offer valuable insights. Their experience can be a source of invaluable advice and emotional support.
  • Invest in a Coach: Consider working with a business coach who specializes in stress management. They can help you develop tailored strategies to manage specific stressors and create a more sustainable work-life balance.

Remember, stress management is not a one-time fix, but an ongoing process. Work with experts to find the stress management techniques that work for you and refine your approach over time.

You can be well-equipped to navigate the entrepreneurial journey by prioritizing well-being and developing a stress-management toolkit, with focus, resilience, and a healthy dose of self-compassion.

At Simply Hudson, I believe a thriving entrepreneur is a happy entrepreneur. Get in touch to learn how you can also become a happy and successful entrepreneur by managing stress effectively!

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