7 Ways a Consultant Can Help Scale Your Business

When you’re involved in every aspect of your business, it can be difficult to see opportunities and solutions…you can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re sucked into the day-to-day operations with no opportunity to concentrate on the bigger picture—and by bigger we mean growth. Hiring a consultant, like Simply Hudson, can help scale your business. We’re strategic transformation advisors who will give you the overall picture, strategies and tools for business growth. 

Ways a Consultant Can Help Scale Your Business

  1. Be Your Objective Sounding Board
    You know you have opportunities but need a second opinion or external perspective to figure out where to start. A consultant can be your unbiased advisor or supportive third party to work through ideas, thoughts, questions and challenges. It’s our job to listen, and, at Simply Hudson, we take this seriously. We listen deeply, ask challenging questions and help identify your most passionate, exciting and opportunistic business ideas. Then we focus on those that will increase your opportunities for growth. 
  1. Help You Streamline
    Perhaps the most important part of running a business is making it run smoothly. Simply Hudson specializes in process improvement. We’ll analyze data and identify reporting opportunities to determine where you should spend time, where time is wasted and what to automate. We’ll identify busy work that isn’t moving you forward and opportunities to delegate. Simply Hudson will help get you streamlined, establish well-defined & easily trainable processes and recommend process automation to reduce manual or time-consuming work. 
  1. Give You Time
    Delegation is necessary to support the growth of your business. If you’re stuck in reactive mode, you aren’t planning proactively for the future. Too many immediate duties take your attention away from strategic growth opportunities and long-term business planning. Simply Hudson can free up the time you need to concentrate on growth by taking on short-term tasks & projects. You and your employees are better suited for long-term goals that move the needle. A consultant can be the short-term resource you need to win back the time you spent on learning, doing or training for short-term goals or addressing an immediate problem. 
  1. Save You Money
    By limiting manual work, removing duplicate tasks and introducing automation, you’ll save money and labor hours. A consultant can introduce standardization that will help maintain quality while supporting scalability. You’re likely unaware of the money spent on inefficient workflows, labor and processes. We’ll show you how to identify and recoup those dollars, money that can be reinvested into your business growth.  
  1. Provide Expert Knowledge & Advice
    You can’t be everything to your business, nor can you know everything, and that’s okay! When you hire a specialized consultant, you’re gaining expertise and specialized knowledge. Simply Hudson is multifaceted, but our expertise lies in strategic transformation. We’ll give you personalized operational process strategies, design improvements and implementation guidelines to seamlessly scale your business. 
  1. Contribute Creative, Out-of-the-Box Thinking
    What Simply Hudson loves about consulting is the myriad of businesses we get to help—from accountants to hospitality businesses to financial institutions, we love the variety. And because we’ve worked with so many, we’re not pigeon-holed into one set of ideas. Every business is unique, and we’ll personalize every step of the consulting process to meet your needs. Bringing in someone who can look at your business from a new angle, with a fresh set of eyes, and, more importantly, who can bring new ideas, could be just the refresh you need to move forward. 
  1. Present Solutions to You
    Consultants have one thing in mind: helping you reach your goal. You’re likely to run into obstacles if you own a business—whether that be higher-than-expected costs, the need for a reorganization or lack of knowledge on a complex market—a consultant can offer solutions specific to your business to get through those obstacles.

Proven Outcomes

We helped Nomad Tax increase their customer base by 256% in year one, save approximately 800 hours in labor costs and save $80,000 (yes, $80,000) in annual operating expenses. If you’re ready to discover your own transformation and growth, contact us to discuss next steps. 

Nicole implemented my knowledge into a teachable business model so my employees are able to execute tasks as effectively as I can myself. With a high volume of clients and a specific busy time of year, having this solid process in place ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. This takes an immense amount of stress off of me becuase I trust that the business is a well-oiled machine, and I can focus my energy on bigger picture items instead of day-to-day minutiae. 
~Kyrstal Pino, Founder Nomad Tax

Online Course: Building Your Foundation for Success  

If you want to learn more before hiring a consultant to help scale your business, we recommend our course Foundation for Success. In this instant-access replay, Nicole teaches you about the power of process and how it creates a solid foundation, contributing to the optimization of your business. It provides direct, actionable and impactful paths to scalability along with up-to-date knowledge of process design. With strategies for operational improvement, maintaining quality and customer satisfaction, Simply Hudson sets you up for success from the get-go in this course!

We’d Love to Work with You

If you have questions or need support, we’d love to help you. Schedule a free consultation call to discuss your business needs and determine which of our consulting packages is best for you. Contact us with any questions about how Simply Hudson can help scale your business. 

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