Reading Roundup: Volume Four

Expanding your knowledge, learning new skills, and/or growing personally and professionally can keep you from falling victim to one of the six career challenges we discuss in this month’s blog. We’ve given you a stepping stone with some reading suggestions. These books run the gamut because we feel that reading just about anything—from leadership to economics to sailing—offers lessons to be learned and can feel like an escape. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

The 4-Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferris

Time is our most valuable asset, and Tim Ferriss is expanding your knowledge on this subject with a plan of action to win back your time! The 4 Hour Workweek provides you with thought-provoking ideas to determine how you might use your time differently, whether through task elimination, better decisioning, or outsourcing. While the concepts in this book may not fully align to everyone – some enjoy an office setting – the concept of Lifestyle Design is intriguing and within reach! That’s why we started Simply Hudson, for the freedom to design our work/life balance and breakaway from a life defined by work. If you’re looking for practical ways to take back your time, go remote, travel more – the opportunities are endless! – implement the advice that inspires you to create the life you dream of. Even those happy with their current setup can find inspiration for a positive change!

An Economist Walks Into a Brothel

Allison Schrager

Being a self-proclaimed economics nerd, this was an entertaining book to pick up! It brings a refreshing view to the concept of risk management from an author well-versed in financial risk and economics. An Economist Walks Into a Brothel takes a unique approach to risk management by analyzing unconventional risks, such as decisions by paparazzi on collaboration and profit sharing versus the risk of missing out on a big score. Allison Schrager makes risk management approachable and easily understood while presenting principles that help improve the management of our own risks in daily life. If you’re looking for a fun yet informative book that can be easily implemented, look no further!

A Voyage for Madmen

Peter Nichols

In 1968, The Sunday Times announced the Golden Globe Race, the first attempt at sailing around the world…completely solo! In A Voyage for Madmen, Peter Nichols tells the story of the nine men who attempted this circumnavigation, from preparation to the final finish. Included in the rules: no external help, no stops in port, and no supply refreshments. With excerpts from ship logs and journals, the reader gets a taste of both the pressures and freedoms of being at sea. Nichols provides detailed information for both the knowledgeable sailor and the layman to bring the challenges, mental perseverance, and excitement to life. This book provides a unique perspective on learning to be completely, and solely, with oneself and finding both the strength and courage to overcome not only external challenges of massive waves and gale force winds, but the mental toll this experience takes.

Rigged Justice

John Vandemoer

This story takes a unique look at the college admissions scandal through the experience of Stanford’s sailing coach. Having worked with John for multiple years as my own sailing coach in both youth and high school sailing, it was no surprise that others who knew him were just as surprised to see his name splashed across the headlines. Rigged Justice provides an inside view into the experience, frustrations, and tough decisions John faced as he dealt with the fallout from Rick Singer’s set-up. It forces the reader to recognize how a simple conversation can be so much more.

What Books Are Expanding Your Knowledge?

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