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One of Simply Hudson’s specializations is in process design. Now, you may think processes are pretty straightforward and an unlikely candidate for creativity, but we’re here to tell you they’re not! When approaching process designs, we strive to ensure the end-goal is met, but we also have our fun in developing engaging process enhancements that people are excited for. Whatever step you’re on, from gathering initial thoughts to implementation to current state improvements, we’re here to help. So, while you’re debating when to hire us to help improve your processes (now!), we’re offering some tips on how to bring creativity to your business processes. 

What Are Processes?

Processes are a series of actions or steps done in a particular order to result in a particular outcome. You might have a process to develop a marketing campaign that involves steps such as brainstorming, information gathering, drafting, feedback, editing, final draft, and, finally, implementation. If this process is done frequently, participants may get frustrated by the repetitive work and need a revival…or some automation! This is where creativity comes to the rescue, upgrading the process so it’s fresh and simple for the participants. But this creativity can also be used from the very beginning to avoid stagnation and boredom from the start. 

Making Process Design Fun

The fun part of getting creative is the way it pushes you to think outside the box. When you’re brainstorming ways to design your processes, no idea is too crazy—everything gets put on the board and no idea gets shut down. Participants can share ideas verbally, create a post-it wall, or surprise you with innovation by dropping written ideas in a bucket. Ideation can be fun and exciting, so create an environment that supports just that—relaxed, casual, and inviting of all ideas. 

Feeling Technology Overload?

Technology runs more of our lives and work than ever before. Step away from the laptop, cell phone, and second monitor—we promise you’ll survive! Get a big white board or cover your windows with paper and pull out all the colorful markers. Use a cork board with colorful pins to post paper notes and connect the dots with string. Fun fact: our founder travels with dry erase markers to make use of mirrors and windows!

These items can also be used beyond the design phase. As you go through processes like problem-solving, brainstorming, creating rough drafts of marketing collateral, or developing strategy, you can use these analog methods to keep the creativity going. 

Technology Enhancements

On the flip side, maybe more technology is your solution! Look for innovative ways to use the functionality. Sure, there was an intended use during development, but how can you use a tool or function to your advantage? Neither processes nor technology are one size fits all. 


Aprimo is a marketing operations and project management tool that allows for some pretty incredible process automation designs. Before Simply Hudson, I worked closely with this tool and took full advantage of existing functionality to auto-start a new project in the system. We were utilizing Aprimo in the way it was designed, but my team and I pushed its capabilities to automate a manually intensive, recurring quarterly process. While the system could auto-start a project based on rules, it wasn’t expected to manage multiple restarts over an extended period of time! However, we designed an approach to allow just that—automatically restart projects every quarter. This outside-of-the-box design allowed us to significantly decrease manual work and prevent missed projects due to the high quantities. We created better support for self-audits and quality control by grouping the final outputs together in one place. But beyond that, we improved speed to market, risk controls, and employee satisfaction by shifting away from the intended use while making the system meet our needs. We even won an Aprimo APEX award for the innovative approach!

Rinse and Repeat

Have a repetitive task? Get creative with how you complete it, whether you find a way to automate, learn some new Excel formulas, or shift in another way. We worked with one client who knew they would have to scale quickly with a repetitive process. Consistency and quality were key to their service, so we got creative in process development to ensure no steps were missed while maintaining efficiency and speed to market. When your end goals seem misaligned (such as speed vs. quality), some creative problem-solving can bridge the gap to deliver on your needs.   

Fresh Perspective

Outside perspectives can really bring new life to current processes—especially if they’re broken or inefficient. A consultant like Simply Hudson will come in and uncover your current processes (you never know what hidden steps employees are doing to get the job done), get down to the root of your why, and find innovative ways to enhance your steps. However, not all consultants are made the same. At Simply Hudson, we focus on quick, cost-effective, implementable designs that make a difference in your business. Don’t get stuck with an ideal state design that doesn’t give you the roadmap or help to get there!

Leading Change Management 

Change management can be a tough gig, especially if you have employees resistant to change. Getting creative with your approach to training and communications can help break the ice and relax your employees. For one of our clients in New York City, we used the NYC subway as the basis of our training design: the ideal process flow followed the main line, but offshoots, represented as line transfers, showed how you could step off the ideal path. Employees could relate the map to their daily commutes, making it a fun, and, therefore easier, transition. 

Do Something Different

You don’t always need an outsider for fresh perspective. Find your own change in perspective by joining a company diversity group, helping plan an event, or practicing public speaking through your local Toastmasters. Stepping away from the day to day in a productive way could stimulate some exciting new ideas! 

Get Curious

Sometimes the status quo works, but if you’re noticing issues, then get curious about the process. Ask why things are done a certain way and, if permitted, experiment with change. There’s no need to redesign an entire process, but changing one or two things may be what’s needed for a refresh. Sometimes adding a simple data field to an existing report can make a huge difference! Be sure to do your due diligence to identify any underlying impacts from your small changes. One wrong key stoke and your entire communication platform could go dark!  

Learn More About Process Design

Did you know we have a MasterClass just for process design? The Power of Process is a three-hour MasterClass designed by Nicole Hudson to teach you everything you need to know about organizational process strategy and design. We examine the impact process has on all aspects of your business, whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale. When implemented correctly, an effective process will lead to increased employee satisfaction, optimized project budgets, and an aligned customer experience. Check out this self-paced online course today!

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