5 Strategies for Overcoming Isolation as a Business Owner

You know the old saying, the winner stands alone? It’s an innocent statement but observes an unfortunate truth for hardworking individuals – a feeling of loneliness as a business owner. Overcoming isolation is an important factor to success!

As an entrepreneur, you’re pulled in many directions and often feel like you have to do it all. The success or failure of your business falls squarely on your shoulders. But how can we overcome those feelings of isolation and loneliness to develop our support structure along the road to success?

Read on to learn more about our five strategies for overcoming isolation as a business owner.

5 Ways to Overcome Isolation as a Business Owner

We each have our individual lifestyles, routines, and relationships which go through seasons over time. We go through life with a goal to be happy both personally and professionally, which isn’t always easy.

Many of us feel discontent, disconnected and mentally exhausted due to work-life balance at one point or another. But for the solo-preneur, small business owner, or even those at the top of the C-suite, a sense of loneliness can often strike.

To ease this discomfort, here are some recommendations to feel more connected with the people around you:

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

For problem resolution, the first step is acceptance followed by understanding the root cause. If we refuse to acknowledge the feelings of isolation, how can we begin to overcome it? 

Those without personal experience may consider this an overstatement, but running a business can be a lonely place. Even with a team, employees, and supporters in your network, you’re a step removed as you work to grow and succeed. You’re friendly with employees but still need to be the boss. Your supporters offer advice, but only you know the inner workings and how that advice may positively or negatively affect your business. At the end of the day, you have more skin in the game! 

The pressure to succeed, maintain boundaries, grow revenues, support your staff – not to mention the external pressure of other’s expectations – can be overwhelming. As you put in extra hours to get it all done, you may be asking who you can talk to, who can help with the decision fatigue, why you’re the only one. 

I’m here to tell you, you aren’t alone! This feeling isn’t out of the norm and shouldn’t be avoided. Tackle it head on and find ways to feel more connected. Have a regular coffee date with others in your position to discuss your feelings, challenges and brainstorm solutions. Analyze your delegation habits and allow yourself to trust others to lessen your workload. Map your strategic plan to easily let go of other’s misaligned expectations. Give yourself grace through the process and remember that you’re not alone. 

2. Take the Initiative for Time with Friends

Being a business owner teaches you a thing or two about taking the first step. Don’t limit that skill to your workplace! 

As a business owner, we often don’t realize how busy we appear to others, and can often feel forgotten or left out when an invite isn’t extended our way. Maybe we’ve turned down a few too many invites, leaving our friends feeling a sense of rejection. Maybe they’re rooting for us and don’t want to get in the way of our success. Try to keep a positive outlook and consider why those invites might be dwindling.

There is always more work to be done, and it’s sometimes too easy to fill your time! While it may be one more task to remember or item on the to do list, it’s important to stay connected. Initiate a lunch date or quick coffee catch-up. Schedule on your time and help others get a feel for your availability. And if they offer up an invite that doesn’t work, provide an alternative option.

You might feel reluctant at first, but soon you’ll find it easier to relax on your schedule with your choice of people. You’ll feel connected, supported and may just find the right people to work through some of those feelings overwhelm.

Tip: don’t overschedule yourself. Time is a precious commodity – learn how you recharge and schedule time accordingly for work, connection, and rest!

3. Stay in Touch With the Real World

We’re big proponents of remote work as it has brought convenience, flexibility and ownership to our work-life. However, as with anything, it can have it’s own challenges.

Working a standard 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday cooped up at home isn’t always easy. Being stuck in a home office or at your kitchen table can amplify feelings of loneliness, even if your team is just a click away. The coffee runs, chats around the water cooler, and lunch breaks aren’t available for workplace camaraderie.

Develop a schedule that works for you, with time to spend outdoors, in the company of people who lighten your mood, and doing things you enjoy. Have a virtual coffee date with a colleague, take a daily stroll with your neighbor, or consider working at a local (remote friendly) coffee shop or cowork to feel the energy of others around you. 

4. Join a Group of Like Minded Professionals

If you have a bustling network with people in a similar hustle to you, it’s a golden opportunity to make friends and socialize. With this alignment, you won’t have to explain your lifestyle because they share your experiences.

By getting closer with a few individuals, those that share your interests or stand out to you, you can enjoy, bounce ideas, and create a safe space for each other. Stay in touch through group chats or take time out for weekly coffee breaks. If there are a few of you in similar situations, think about creating your own mastermind (we can help!) to work through challenges and have the support of like-minded individuals through the ups and downs.

If you don’t have a strong network of people, create one! Join and participate in online communities or a professional network. Find a mastermind program you can join (or create your own!). For those who aren’t convinced about merging their personal and professional life, find company elsewhere. Look for hobby groups, club sports or book clubs – anything that brings you a sense of community.

5. Find a Business Coach You Can Connect With

It’s easy to feel lost or overwhelmed in your work. We often throw ourselves into work or productive procrastination, which is a fast path to burnout. In addition, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the direction you’re taking your team and business.

In matters related to your business, you may not want to confide in a friend or family member since they won’t always understand your experience. It’s important to have someone in your corner that you trust, who can lend an ear, provide credible challenge and help guide your decisioning process.

A business coach is someone you can depend on and learn from. This is an opportunity to invest in both yourself and your business, so why wait?  Reach out today for more information on how we can help you with overcoming isolation in your business!

Need a Hand? 

At Simply Hudson, we support small business owners to reach their maximum potential, whether in work, life, or education. That also includes helping you feel connected, whether you’re looking for a mentor or a listening ear. Drop us a line for coaching inquiries.  

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