Creativity in the Workplace

When you read the words “creativity in the workplace,” what comes to mind? Do you laugh because it still seems out of place? Do you nod an enthusiastic yes because you love innovation? Maybe you’re not quite sure what “creativity in the workplace” means. No matter your response, we have some exciting ideas on how to bring more creativity into your work life.

What Is Creativity in the Workplace?

Creativity in the workplace can mean many things: how your physical space looks and feels, the way you conduct meetings, or the way you reward your employees. You can apply creativity in every step of the business process, and we always encourage our clients to do so. Simply Hudson believes that creativity is one of the keys to business growth—stand out as a business, show clients that you’re open to ideas, demonstrate to your employees that you value inclusive thinking and team camaraderie, and prove you have the guts to break with the status quo.

Creativity in Meetings

Ugh! You have to log on to another Zoom call. But, what if, from the start, your employer encouraged you to change your background? What if your employer introduced a show-and-tell icebreaker? What if your employer invited pets to share the screen? Bringing fun to the beginning, middle, or end of a standard online call can break the ice and liven conversation. We’re not suggesting these ideas happen throughout the entire meeting—that can be distracting—but something to pull attendees out of the monotony can inject a fun energy and human side to work.

What about in-person meetings? Keep your employees guessing by mixing things up on occasion. Hold meetings in a different space — go outside if the weather is nice! Take a lunch meeting at a restaurant. Introduce a bring-your-pet-to-work day.

Creativity helps to lighten the mood, so think of what you can do to bring levity to what might be an otherwise typical day.

Creativity with Employees 

Wow! When we read The Guardian’s 10 ways to enhance creativity at work, we were excited to see how some employers embraced innovation to encourage a community of creativity. From seating plans that have employees next to someone new each day to innovative breakroom designs, The Guardian’s list will spark some inventive ways you can get creative with your employees.

Creativity in Your Physical Workspace

Take a look around your workspace. Are you inspired? Are the creative gears spinning? Do you jump into a productive mindset? If not, it might be time for a makeover.

1. Paint the walls

Pick a color that’s soothing yet lively, something that will energize you throughout the workday. Headed back to the office? See if you can get approval to paint. If not, find temporary solutions like colored paper, wrapping paper, or removable decals.

2. Add some art

We all know our eyes need a break from the computer screen, so add something new to focus on as you break your gaze. Stay in a positive mindset with something you love. Find inspiration with quotes and sayings, or have a laugh with a comic-based desk calendar.

One of our favorites sits as a wooden sign on the desk!

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. Upgrade your seating

We know what it’s like to be stuck sitting all day. Believe us when we say your body will love you for upgrading to something ergonomic and stylish. Find the style that’s right for you and your workspace, whether that’s a standing desk, a yoga ball chair, or an ergonomic spinner that leaves you feeling physically good during AND after your workday.

4. Move your desk

While an employer office may have some limitations, your home office is ripe for creativity. Move your desk to a new area that suits you. We enjoy beautiful outdoor views or setting up shop out in the fresh air. Think outside the box and test out a new location until you find what’s right for you.

Work doesn’t have to be boring, and there are more opportunities to inject creativity than you think! Spice up presentations with color and images aligned to your brand. Experiment with Excel formulas to create automation in your work. Be innovative in your approach to work – don’t just follow the status quo. Creativity comes in many colors…the sky is the limit!

Share Your Creative Ideas

Have you done something creative that resulted in a positive business outcome? We’d love to hear about it. Spreading ideas will help make creativity in the workplace the norm. So, drop us a line and share what you’ve done!

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