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Customizable virtual consulting packages to seamlessly scale your business.
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Working with Nicole is a dream – she tailors her questions in a personal manner and asks pointed follow-ups. Her communication is straightforward, thoughtful, and very detailed.

– Krystal Pino, Nomad Tax

Simply Hudson Helps You…

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Develop or transform operations to help your business grow

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Simplify complexities for improved speed to market

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Lower overhead and
operational costs

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Standardize to support opportunities for scale

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Unite your team through
times of change

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Stay on track with advice,
feedback, and accountability

Our Consulting Menu

Mix and match our private, virtual consulting services to fit your organization’s specific needs. We’ll customize a program with offerings from any of our areas of expertise, ensuring we’re addressing all the results you desire.

Business Templates
Strategic Planning
  • One on one support in developing your 3 – 5 year Strategic Plan
  • Credible challenge to expand on ideas and opportunities
  • Includes access to our Strategic Planning worksheet!
  • Solidify your vision and define your steps to success
Startup and Small Business Leadership Advising
  • Strategic prioritization & decision-making support
  • Identify business needs, goals, and strategies
  • Development of governance structures
  • Direct introductions to supporting business partners (as applicable & available)
  • Ongoing leadership consulting packages
Change Leadership Advising
  • Recommendations for training & communication
  • Strategies for improved user adoption
  • Guidance on effective communication with leadership
  • Development & support of change management plans
Process Advising
  • Map the current and/or future state of your operations
  • Identify the most relevant data analysis
  • Dig deeper to identify bottlenecks and breakdowns
  • Design process improvements for your ideal, achievable future state
Project Implementation Advising
  • Support project manager with projects at hand
  • Advise through escalation needs
  • Organize and track key status updates
  • Guidance through project plan development, prioritization, team skillset needs, and more!
Team Education
  • Process improvement masterclass to up-level your team
  • Change leadership how-to training

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Happy Clients

Working with Nicole is a dream – she tailors her questions in a personal manner and asks pointed follow-ups.  Her communication is straightforward, thoughtful, and very detailed.  I had high expectations for how Nicole would affect my business, but she blew me away with the deliverables she provided, including templates, workflows, and process manuals.  The way Nicole designed our process paid for itself a thousand times over in the amount of time and headaches it saved.

Krystal Pino, Nomad Tax

Happy Clients

Nicole’s meticulous attention to detail, thorough work ethic, and excellent project management skills are all attributes that stand out and can be vouched for. We had several projects that could have gone awry had Nicole not pointed out the roadblocks and provided critical subject matter expertise when needed most.  I was particularly impressed by Nicole’s uncanny ability to lead initiatives to fruition given the tight deadlines and demanding stakeholders.

Faiza Sikander, Prior Manager, Oppenheimer Funds

Happy Clients

Nicole impressively analyzed, designed, managed third party resources, tested and implemented a completely undefined and urgent regulatory compliance need. Her methodical, end-to-end and quality-oriented approach provided for a solid solution in a very aggressive timeline. Her leadership and partnership were priceless to me as the Program Manager and to the effort overall. Her design became the preferred approach for all other solutions to follow.

Becky Dolan, Oppenheimer Funds

Happy Clients

Nicole has an unparalleled ability to take charge of complex business initiatives and to lead project teams to success. I have had the pleasure of partnering with Nicole on several projects for two large financial institutions. I am continually impressed with her ability to command a room and to get everyone moving in the right direction. She is a motivator and an influencer with a fun and pleasant demeanor that is a joy to have on any team. Nicole earns my highest recommendation.

Mike Coriell, Solutions Plus Consulting

Happy Clients

Nicole’s reputation as a change agent with the ability to define and communicate, and then deliver on a strategic solution is well-deserved. From innovating at the execution level, to redesigning business processes, and enabling them with lean effective resource models, Nicole has impressed me with her ability to navigate into the details and back up to the big picture. As an advocate for her organization and her peers, Nicole secured sponsorship for and hosted the Financial Services customer event, demonstrating her leadership and influence both at her company and among her peers. I view Nicole as a trusted partner.

Jonathan Fiur, Aprimo

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