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Breakout from burnout and take control of your work and life with personalized, virtual coaching.

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Nicole challenges me in a way that helps me gain clarity. She is tough yet sensitive; she can read when to push and when to be patient.

– Helen Nalls, Visa

Simply Hudson Helps You…

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Breakout from burnout

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Decrease decision fatigue

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Overcome overwhelm

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Resolve conflict

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Set boundaries

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Stop career stagnation

Personalized Programs

Individual Programs

Motivation Mastery

Nicole provides one-on-one support with this 5-week program to guide you through the development of a 3 – 5 year strategic plan for your career or business.

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Performance Review Perfection

For a limited time only! In this 2 hour session, you’ll work directly with Nicole to finesse your year end performance review. We’ll discuss you accomplishments, goals, career vision, strengths, opportunities and more as we outline a performance review amplifies your value and communicates your potential!

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Immediate Inspiration

Facing an immediate career change or challenge? Over the next six weeks, experience personal guidance, support, and accountability from Nicole as she provides best practices for moving through the difficulty.

Power Your Performance

Nicole will personalize a twelve-week program to help you level up in the areas where you need it most.

Group Programs

Simply Hudson Support System

Facilitated by Nicole, this small group is designed to support one another in their lives and businesses. Bounce ideas, get advice, hold one another accountable, and most importantly, know that you’re not alone in the challenges you’re facing.

Launch Learners

Launch your business or side hustle in a twelve-week program designed to take you from ideation to implementation. You’ll be paired with other entrepreneurs at similar stages of their business so you can grow and launch together.

Self-Guided Programs

Coming Soon: Self-Guided Career Development Course

Inspired by Nicole’s custom 12-week courses, this features the most common lessons, tools, and methodologies designed to help you level up. Complete the course at your own pace.

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Happy Clients

Nicole listened to the challenges I was facing, both in the organizational structure of my business and my mindset surrounding business decisions. She created a clear and actionable plan for me to get back on track. I went from working in reactive mode to proactive mode, and my business was immediately propelled forward as a result of following Nicole’s guidance.

Candy Treft, LOKAL Tbilisi

Happy Clients

I absolutely would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Nicole.  Over our two-year professional relationship, I’ve opened up to her about the struggles I’ve faced in my career, and the mental blocks that have been holding me back.  On our weekly calls, I go over what’s happened that week and any challenges I may be facing moving forward.  Not only does Nicole help me strategize ways to overcome my obstacles, but she offers insightful reading materials and lifestyle changes, like a morning routine, that have strongly impacted my life.

Helen Nalls, Visa

Happy Clients

Working with Nicole was so incredibly invaluable. I knew that she was a process design ninja from our other collaborations, but I didn’t realize all the ways she could benefit me and my business until we sat down and worked together. She helped me create a long-term map for my business, hash out daily behaviors, and – perhaps most importantly – really gave me such clarity on myself as a CEO and business owner…It really wasn’t just accountability, it was also insight and clarity into myself and my business that was tremendously helpful! I’m so grateful for Nicole and all the help she’s given me!

Ellyn Schinke, Coach Ellyn

Happy Clients

Working with Nicole is the best investment I could have made in my time and energy for my business. When we started, I was incredibly overwhelmed by not only what I wanted for my business, but what was currently happening in it. I had so many big ideas and they all felt as if they were looming above my head. Nicole helped me to put down all the plates that were spinning and really evaluate what was a now problem, and what could be tackled through a set of small, digestible goals over a 1, 3 and 5 year period. I no longer feel burnt out by everything I want to achieve, and I’m really excited about not only the direction of my business, but the roadmap that Nicole helped me build to figure out the most effective way to get there.

Krystal Pino, Founder of Nomad Tax

Happy Clients

Nicole is a very flexible, smart and open minded advisor, who will suit her work approach to best suit her client’s circumstances and personality while digging deep and uncovering the true issues and roadblocks to the client’s objectives. She’s capable of both looking at things from a bigger picture and analyzing the small crucial details of situations. Her work is a fundamental piece to build clarity and effectively solve problems and challenges in a way that has long term positive effects.

Mario Bila, Assistant Project Manager

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