Boundaries & Self-Care Ideas for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s an excellent opportunity to recharge for another year of living to the fullest. Now is the time to set boundaries and practice self-care for the holidays!

Experiencing burnout, loss of motivation, and a general sense of fatigue is normal. You’ve spent 12 months dedicating your effort and time to working hard for your business. But with the holiday season being one of the most stressful times of year, it’s important to take care of yourself and dive into the new year refreshed, motivated and excited.

Why is it so difficult to disconnect?

It’s normal to feel a sense of unease when taking time off. We’ve gotten so used to pushing ourselves that taking a minute to rest and disconnect often leads to a sense of guilt.

But we all have to learn to overcome the unnecessary guilt and step away from the rat race.

We can’t constantly run after being productive – it isn’t sustainable. Marathons – and even ultras! – eventually come to end with rest and rejuvenation to be refreshed and ready for the next race! It may take some effort, but it’s important to feel comfortable disconnecting from work without getting pulled back in.

Let’s not forget about using work as a distraction! If the holidays are triggering for you, it may feel easier to throw yourself into work and distract yourself from other aspects of life. Take a moment to analyze your motivations and think about whether you are feeding a burnout cycle. If you feel like you must stay connected to everyone and keep the ball rolling at all times, remember that it’s true! Recognize what you might need to gift yourself to maintain a happy, healthy, and fun-filled holiday season. 

Creating a Healthy Balance:

1. Boundaries

We’ve previously talked a lot on this blog about building boundaries and bringing balance to your life. We often know when boundaries are needed, but but have a difficult time implementing. That’s okay!

There are many ways to go about it. A good way to create boundaries is by following our BUILD Acronym: Burnout, Understand, Identity, Leverage, Debrief. Need a refresher? Check out this dedicated blog

Once you implement and reap the benefits of healthy and firm boundaries, you’ll feel more in control and comfortable with your work and life. 

2. Guilt for Unproductivity 

Sitting and sipping tea on your day off shouldn’t be accompanied by thoughts about your to-do list. But more often than not, we experience a feeling of guilt when not working. It’s okay – and necessary! – to take time for yourself without thinking of what you need to do and when you should be getting it done.

The nagging feeling of unproductivity you get while resting is an indicator you’ve been too hard on yourself. Take a minute to remind yourself that recharging is just as necessary as putting in work. Recognize how your productivity increases after recharging vs. chugging along in an exhausted state.

3. Stress Management

The last thing you need in your day is to bring stress from the office into your unwinding space. Although it can be hard to separate your personal and professional life sometimes, you need to use the time away from work to destress. One of the biggest challenges – disconnecting from our phones!

Use meditation, hobbies, or other recreational activities that bring you joy. These activities help you let go of pent-up stress and disconnect. 

Be grateful for your success and give yourself grace. Regularly acknowledging and celebrating your progress will provide the confidence to face future hurdles.

5 Ways to Make Most of This Holiday Season!

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it here again. Self-care should be your priority. So this holiday season, when you’re surrounded by your loved ones and spending time at home, don’t forget to take some me-time.

Here are five things that should be at the top of your holiday to-do list:

1. Prioritize Rest

If there’s one thing everyone sacrifices, it’s sleep. Allow yourself to catch up on sleep and really give yourself much-needed rest. Take time off from rigid morning routines or tasks to escape the monotonous cycle – do what feels right for you.

Sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and be as lazy as possible. You’ve earned it!

2. Eat Well

We know the holiday seasons are known for big dinners and even bigger celebrations. If you’re sitting down and can’t remember the last time you ate so much, that isn’t a good sign. It’s important to maintain healthy food intake regardless of your lifestyle.

A nutritious diet is fuel for life. So be conscious of your eating habits and make smart choices. You can still indulge in moderation – take stock of how you’re feeling, check your portions, and sample all the goodies in a way that leaves you feeling good at the end of the night rather than overstuffed 

3. Be Present 

Time is precious and gives no refunds; remember this when you sit down with friends and family. It can seem tempting to multitask or squeeze some work in between your plans, but that distracts you from the purpose of taking a break.

The holidays are a great time to detox from social media or online connectivity. Disconnect from the virtual world and focus on what’s around you. You’ll wish you fully enjoyed these holiday moments as you return to work, so sit back and take in joy and festivities. 

4. Get Fresh Air

The recipe for a healthy life doesn’t change at any age. Getting sleep, eating good food, and exercising well will always be necessary. We all know working at a desk and staring at a screen all day is bad for our health. Now is a perfect time to reverse some of the damage. 

Try to take regular walks and stretch daily. Making a habit out of these two tasks will help you keep them up once the festive season ends. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit – use this time to create good habits you use all year round!

5. Think of the Future 

As another year comes to an end, reflect on what you did throughout these 365 days. What have you accomplished? What have you missed out on? What do you value more now? How can you make the most out of next year?

Don’t focus your planning solely on work – give your personal life some love. Reflect and celebrate your year in review in addition to kick-starting the new year with a positive outlook.

Ready for Some Well-Earned Self-Care?

Have you already planned for the holidays, or have you left it till the last minute? If you weren’t thinking of doing anything special, test out some of the self-care suggestions above. Who knows, they may be more effective than you think!

Did we miss your favorite self-care tips for the holiday season? Comment or send us a note about how you approach and reign this festive season!

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