About Simply Hudson

After a decade at Fortune 500 companies, I’ve seen it all – decision fatigue, burnout, overwhelm, disorganization, the challenges of managing up and down, and more.

Over the years, I’ve become an expert at clearing through the chaos, and I have leadership and process innovation awards to prove it!

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From innovating at the execution level, to redesigning business processes, and enabling them with lean effective resource models, Nicole has impressed me with her ability to navigate into the details and back up to the big picture.

– Jonathan Fiur, Aprimo

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Merging big-picture strategy with a strong attention to detail is my secret talent, enabling me to drive results and inspire change from a personal, professional, and company standpoint. I’ve guided clients through their career and business frustrations, operating as a sounding board, strategist, and accountability partner. I’ve designed strategic operational processes for startups; one estimated over $80,000 in annual cost saving while scaling over 250% in year one!

Whether you’re an individual looking to move through career challenges, an entrepreneur looking to scale, or a larger organization looking to streamline, my experience spans a range of work environments and global cultures. My adaptable nature helps me read the room and speak your language so I can offer solutions in the most effective way for you. At the end of the day, I want to help you overcome your work challenges so you can reach your full potential.

How We’ll Work Together


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My Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in Economics from Boston University
  • Master’s in Economics from Boston University
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI
  • Certified in Change Leadership, Cornell University
  • Certified Professional Coach, World Coach Institute
  • Additional leadership certifications through GoCoach, LearnKey, and more.
  • Toastmasters International Competent Communicator Award
  • Toastmasters International Competent Leader Award
  • Aprimo Excellence (APEX) Most Valuable Peer of the Year Award
Employment History
  • JP Morgan Chase Project Manager
  • Oppenheimer Funds Associate Vice President of Global Operations
  • Wells Fargo Strategic Initiatives Consultant
  • Zee Jay Digital Strategic Consultant
  • Nomad Tax Strategic Advisor
  • LOKAL Tbilisi Strategic Transformation Advisor

Fun Facts to Get to Know Me

Volunteer Organization:

Pet Rescue Santa Teresa

Current Location:

Chicago, IL, USA

Currently Learning:


Currently Reading:

Big Game

Coffee Order:

Almond Milk Mocha

Dance Style:


Dream Destination:

Northern Lights in Norway

Drink of Choice:

Oregon Pinot Noir

Broadway Show:

Come From Away

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