5 Reasons to Hire an Executive Business Coach

It’s time for a reality check

  • You’re stressed, struggling to set boundaries or say no to your management team
  • You’re overwhelmed by the work being thrown at you and are stuck in reactive mode
  • You’re burnt out and ready to quit
  • You want control over your job and career path, but feel stagnant and don’t know where to start

Or, you’re an entrepreneur who:

  • Wants to scale your business but you don’t know what to prioritize or delegate
  • Feels overwhelmed with decision fatigue and alone in the process
  • Doesn’t trust letting go of control
  • Feels like an imposter, like someone is going to call you out at any moment
  • Struggles to find motivation in difficult times
  • Needs someone to bounce ideas off of, advise and help strategize through challenges

I’ve been in your shoes!

After a decade working high-stress, high-reward jobs at Fortune 500 companies, I was burnt out and unhappy, unsure of who I was outside of the office. I felt it again when I became an entrepreneur and set out to launch Simply Hudson. I’ve been there and worked to overcome each of these challenges, identifying and creating strategies and skills along the way. Now, it’s my goal with Simply Hudson to guide and support you to the best you. When you hire an executive business coach from Simply Hudson, we’ll empower you to find success in life and business. 

You are not alone in your challenges, and an executive business coach could be just the resource you need to address and tackle them head on. We’ve outlined five reasons to hire an executive business coach, like Simply Hudson, to help you through your obstacles.

5 Reasons to Hire a Coach

Nicole challenges me in a way that helps me gain clarity. She is tough yet sensitive; she can read when to push and when to be patient.
– Helen Nalls, Visa

As your personal coach, we will:

  1. Be Your Strategic Advisor to Bounce Ideas
    Talking to someone new about your ideas, goals, aspirations and thoughts may seem bothersome, time consuming or too much effort to explain the details. We’re here to be your strategic advisor and sounding board. We don’t just listen – we use our years of experience and expertise to build on your good ideas and adapt the rest. As your advisor, we’ll also help you prioritize your goals, identify areas where you can apply your passion vs. what you think you should be doing, and ensure that everything aligns back to your business, professional or personal goals.

  2. Support You Through the Challenges
    Being overwhelmed and stressed can feel lonely, like you’re the only one experiencing your challenges or setbacks. You feel like an imposter about to be found out. Hiring a coach puts someone in your corner, ready to tackle challenges with you head-on. We’ll help you organize your sea of thoughts and strategically overcome road bumps to find a smooth road forward. Your personalized program through Simply Hudson ensures you’re never alone in your challenges. 

  3. Help You Identify & Tackle the Root Cause
    Your coaching relationship means tough love. You’ll face some hard truths, admit to things you’ve been avoiding, and surprise yourself with a myriad of emotions. We promise you’ll come out stronger and better on the other side. We’re here to guide you through the process in the most effective way. We push and we challenge. You may not always like us, but, in the end, you’ll love us for what we help bring to light.

  4. Guide You to the Best Way Forward
    You’re strolling along the perceived path to success, yet feel stagnant, lacking achievement. You’re unfulfilled and find yourself asking what-if. You don’t know where to start, what to let go of, what to prioritize, what to change. We’ll help you determine if the path you’re on is right for you. We’ll help you re-prioritize your life, career and business with an actionable plan to find more fulfillment and less stress. We’ll explore options and discover the path that’s right for you – whether traditional or unconventional. 

  5. Make You Feel Empowered and Motivated
    A good coach is someone who sets out to help you win. Our goal is to empower you to take on the world no matter the challenge. We’re your strategic partner, mentor and accountability coach rolled into one, with a hint of cheerleader thrown in for good measure. We’ll help you stay organized and on track to your goals, celebrating your achievements and victories along the way.

Work with Simply Hudson

We want you to live your best life. We’ll help you build self-confidence by overcoming fears and tackling challenges head-on. We’ll help you embrace the hard truths in a respectful and unbiased way. Confidentiality and trust are of utmost importance. We will earn your trust so that you can rely on us as your current and future coach. 

When you set out to hire an executive business coach, it takes time and effort as you make sure their background, expertise, personality and style compliment yours. Schedule a free consultation with Simply Hudson and we’ll see if we’re a fit. We can’t wait to chat with you! 

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