3 Strategies to Prepare Your Small Business for Change and Drive Growth

Change is the only constant in life. Many business owners feel lost and overwhelmed when an unpredictable change impacts their business. The good news is that these transitions don’t have to be bad! Prepare your small business for change and drive growth.

Businesses experience a multitude of changes, whether expected or not. When change hits, it’s time to adapt and adjust, just like Mr. Wrigley and his chewing gum, to lead your business to success. Follow these three strategies to embrace change and drive growth in your business! 

Spoiler Alert: change CAN drive growth and success for small businesses.

I’ve collaborated with small business owners and Fortune 500 companies to help prepare for change and strategize accordingly. Read on for our top strategies on how you can prepare for, innovate through, and flourish with change!

What to Expect During the Change Period

What catalyzes change in your environment? The first step is understanding where change may come from in order to embrace opportunities, mitigate risks, and take full advantage of what comes your way.

Consider what developments, losses, or adjustments are happening in the immediate surroundings of your business. Expand to your market and industry. Continue to broaden the scope of possibility until you have a clear picture of what may come your way. Don’t forget to consider internal factors as well!

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to spot changes on the horizon. Consider the possibilities and look for opportunities to take advantage! Throughout this process, you may experience some challenges: 

1. It May Be Uncomfortable

With your business progressing, you may find yourself adjusting to new rules, trends, competition, and strategies. It’s out with the old and in with the new, potentially leaving your tried and tested methods behind. 

Getting out of your comfort zone makes you think on your feet and can boost your confidence. While you might feel uneasy with your decisions, it’s part of the process. That time outside your comfort zone eventually allows your comfort zone to grow and expand.

2. Mistakes Happen

Change is agile. You’ll experience trial and error. You may not get the desired results right off the bat – and that’s okay! 

While that feeling of failure may linger, it’s a normal part of the process. Test, learn, adapt. Rinse and repeat. Make calculated adjustments to limit the business impact, and keep pushing forward.

Reaching your desired outcome is a learning process that will teach you more about your company, your team, and your own resiliency. Don’t let change scare you away from action!

3. Don’t Do It Alone

It takes a team. Even though you’re in charge of your business, it doesn’t have to fall squarely on your shoulders.

Ask your team for input, brainstorm solutions, and think outside the box. Promote collaboration by inquiring about their needs and supporting their efforts. Don’t have a team? Talk to your advisors, mentors, or trusted family and friends. Network within your industry, join member groups, or work with a trusted coach!

You may be tempted to take complete control – don’t make the mistake of becoming a one-man show.

3 Strategies to Persevere Through Change and Drive Growth

Accept to progress. Fighting against change allows it to grow into a bigger and bigger challenge. Once you accept change as a constant, you’ll find it much easier to use as a catalyst for growth! 

Smart business owners have a game plan and strategy for growth, but it’s important to be mentally prepared to adjust and adapt. Here are some timeless tips for future-proofing your small business:

1. Anticipate Future Challenges

Keeping up with business news is a vital risk mitigation technique for small business owners. As you observe trends, you’ll identify trends and polish your predictions. Think of the phases of the moon as it becomes more or less visible in the night sky. Over time, you may notice patterns of consistent change that can be predicted well before occurring. 

When it comes to uncontrollable and unpredictable events, create a contingency plan based on business resilience and growth strategies to buy your business time. 

Social, political, and economic instabilities are indicators of business transformations. Look at how the world was impacted by the pandemic, where business adaptability pivoted to the next step of innovation – remote work

You’re the captain; be on the lookout for your business! Flag potential disruptions and alert your team on challenges they can expect and how to overcome them.

2. Create Realistic Goals

All businesses search for opportunities to innovate, invest in resources, and drive change. With numerous possibilities, it’s all too easy to get ahead of yourself. Planning is key to manage through change and maintain positive outcomes.

If you insist on revamping in an unrealistic time frame, you risk demotivating and burning out your team and yourself. Additionally, you’ll slowly lose momentum on each task as it creates inefficiencies, overwhelm, and depletes your resources.

Rather than working on everything at once, take stock of your spinning plates and put a few down. Prioritize your projects, and focus on those with the best impact that aligns to your company’s vision and goals. Use an effort impact matrix to help determine your areas of focus.  

Impact Effort Matrix Black and White

3. Seek Professional Guidance

With experience comes confidence, and the easier decision-making becomes. But that doesn’t always make things easy and you may find yourself hesitant to take charge!

A strategic advisor can be a valuable addition to your team of professionals. Their feedback, guidance, and outside perspective when it comes to business planning and advice for operational efficiency comes from years of guiding small businesses to success. A trusted advisor who speaks your language, provides credible challenge as you bounce ideas, and helps guide you through the process can make all the difference.

Combine your ideas with the wisdom of an experienced coach today! 

Is This Your Eureka Moment?

Did you find yourself saying yes as you read along? Are you experiencing the challenges or discomfort that can come with change? This could be the start of a fruitful partnership! 

Contact us today to start the conversation on how we can prepare your business for change and drive growth together.

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